Software QA & Testing

QA stands for quality assurance. Software QA & Testing (SQA & T) is a process through which the entire exercises for software development with a specific purpose or purposes are nurtured and controlled. This is a complex process involving many steps such as software designing, coding and configuration management etc. to name a few.

SQA & T however is not confined to those steps alone. The purpose of SQA & T is to ensure smooth functioning of a software system bespoke to your need. Hence SQA & T also has to perform the role of a fault finder and initiate corrective measures.

Our SQA & T services therefore hover around the following.

  • Software Design
  • Coding & configuration management
  • Code reviews & source code control
  • Software testing
  • Software release management
  • Product integration
  • Failure testing
  • Statistical control
  • Quality management

We work as a one stop solution for all your need for SQA & T.