Information Services

Document Management:

A document is a written record of whatever you do as an individual or a business entity. As such your document management needs a special care and attention vis-à-vis the nature of your current business. Military documents for example require utmost secrecy while a business entity must manage its documents with due care for fulfilling its tax obligation to the government and the authorities as a whole apart from others.

We offer unique document management services such as the following:

  • Implement procedures
  • Adopt equipment documentation as may be indeed
  • Maintain a visual factory for immediate reference
  • Both online and offline document management

Content Management:

Irrespective of the nature of your business in today’s world you cannot shy away from the duty of managing your content. You never know when your competition will push you back online in the search engine results.

We offer:

  • Content development
  • White Hat SEO orientation
  • Content upgrade for ranking in search engine results
  • Guaranteed ranking in search engine results all over the world

The content scenario has been acute and aggravated post the launch of new algorithms like Google Panda, Google Hummingbird by the search engine giant Google. Gone are those days when Black Hat SEOs used to dominate the markets.

Database & Data Warehouse Solutions:

Database management and data warehousing can be construed as the life blood of any organization. In absence of data no business enterprise can make any headway. Because, your business intelligence will summarily be defunct; so will be your ERP.

  • We offer the best database and data warehousing solutions for YOU; namely -
  • Upload, store and manage heterogeneous data from different sources such as sales, marketing and customer service
  • Put systems in place for easy references to the stored data relevant for the different departments

Onus to mention here that without the support from database and the data warehouse business enterprises will lose the momentum and hence will be destined for the doomsday!!!